While trying to suppress my climate anxiety for studying across the Atlantic Ocean, which resulted in many flights back and forth. I decided to only shop second hand for a year and that sparked my interest in vintage clothing.
My way of clearing my head is to macrame. I started when a friend and I decorated the house we lived in with homemade plant-hangers. Now I make bags for myself and my friends.

Hey I'm Linnéa!

I'm an adventurous soul that gets excited about most things in life, whether it is a perfectly ripe banana or going horseback riding on an active volcano. 

My journey to becoming an Art director started at University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia. I realized that developing ideas and making them come alive was something I enjoyed doing. That made me move back to Stockholm to start my bachelor’s degree at Berghs School of Communications and finish up in San Francisco where I spent almost 2,5 years.


Right now, I’m back in Stockholm more eager than ever to find new projects, and people to be excited with. You can reach me at:


+46 76 017 8884